Pierre Germain

garden-manager-pierre-germainHaving graduated from a horticultural and landscaping school to satisfy his love of nature, Pierre Germain could have settled for a mainstream gardener’s career.

But a close family member, the Manager of the Ardelot golf course, steers him towards greenkeeping. The young man decides to heed his advice and ventures into this technically demanding field.

A chance meeting with Michel Damiano, a high level professional, opens the door to a greenkeeping position at the Cannes Golf Country Club in 1989. Pierre works there until 2012.

Jean-Mus, an internationally renowned landscaping architect, discovers his talent and skills. They partner on projects that allow him to penetrate the secret world of luxury Côte d’Azur properties. He immediately falls in love with Provencal gardens, with their rocks, dry-stone walls and old olive trees. He understands that genuine beauty comes from simplicity.

Pierre Germain frequently collaborates with gardening and landscaping professionals and founds his consulting company in 2007 alongside his greenkeeping activity. All the while his interest in the environment and sensible gardening deepens.

Companies in the science realm have also ackowledged his cutting-edge expertise. The laboratory AgroDIAGNOSTIC, a subsidiary of the INRA (French National Institute For Agricultural Research), hires him to treat specific plant and grass diseases after having analysed the pathology.

Despite – or maybe thanks to - all this, Pierre Germain remains devoted to the passion he feels for his work and the wonders nature performs before his eyes. A nature he has learnt to respect and protect.